Frequent Asked Questions

Do I have to be completely naked for my photoshoot?
Not at all – many of the guys I photograph wear underwear, speedos or decide to have their photos taken shirt-less but still in a pair of jeans. Being completely naked is an option but it’s your photoshoot and I want you to be 100% comfortable. In fact, some of the sexiest pictures are those with less on display and more left to the imagination.
Do my pictures have to be displayed on your website or can I keep them private?
I only ever post pictures on the website and Bromance Instagram account if the guy gives me consent. And I always agree which pictures I will post with you in advance. Some guys would prefer to keep their pictures for their own use and that’s completely cool with me. I just want you to be happy with the pictures and to have enjoyed the whole experience. If you are happy for me to post a selection of the pictures then I would love to share them… if not, I completely respect and understand this.
How can I be sure my pictures will remain private?
Your pictures are shared with you on a secure, private gallery that you are given a password to access. Your privacy is always our priority and nobody else has access. You will be able to download from the gallery so you can print or save the pictures.
Do I have to have a six pack to have a Bromance shoot?
Six packs are definitely not a requirement! Bromance is for everyone, we celebrate the male form in all its shape and sizes and I love to take photos of guys who are comfortable in their own skin (6 pack or no 6 pack). And, for the record, I do not have anything like a six pack myself.
How much does a shoot cost?
We offer a range of packages to suit all budgets. The cost will depend on location, how long we shoot for and if there’s any specific requirements that might need more set up or editing. Drop me a note and we can design a nice package together.
How long does a shoot take and how long before I get the pictures?
Shoots normally last around 90mins but can be longer if we’re doing different locations. I normally deliver the final edited pictures to you within 7 days of the shoot – so not too long to wait!
How many pictures do I get?
This depends on the package but I normally supply a minimum of 30 edited pictures for shoots. These will be a mix of colour and black/white and fully edited.
I’m not based in Amsterdam but would love a shoot, is that possible?
Absolutely! I am open to travelling for shoots but we will need to agree on the travel costs beforehand. Let’s talk!
Do I need to have the photoshoot at my place, I don’t live alone so this is tricky?
No, we can shoot in a studio, an AirBnB, hotel or even a discreet outside location. If you are not sure where to do your shoot let me know and we can come up with a plan together.
Can I have a shoot with my partner?
Yes we have a lot of clients who want pictures with their partners – it can make a really lovely memento for an anniversary or even just as your own sexy turn-on!
Is it possible to dress up, role play and experiment a little in my photoshoot?
Yeah, why not! Bromance is for all tastes and flavours… I love taking pictures of guys who want to push some boundaries. Many guys I shoot like to wear leather, jockstraps, chaps… it’s your shoot so drop me a line and let me know what you have in mind.
Do you have to be gay to have a photoshoot?
Not at all. I’m gay, most of the guys I shoot are gay or bi but Bromance is for every man. Let’s talk… and if you want to bring your girlfriend, wife or BFF to the shoot that is cool too.