Male boudoir photography, or dudeoir photography, has seen a surge in popularity over the last few years.  Women have been enjoying boudoir photo sessions for a long time but now men are stepping in front of the camera to enjoy and celebrate their bodies too.

Some of you are probably asking: What is Boudoir Photography?  Well, the word boudoir is French and refers to a woman’s private dressing room – it’s an intimate place that a woman has all to herself.  In the same way, boudoir photography is an intimate form of photography which traditionally was taken for the subject and her own personal enjoyment.

However, it’s no longer just a private affair.  You can see lots of examples of boudoir photography on Instagram and Pinterest and it’s become a big trend on social media.  It’s no longer a private photographic fantasy but a sensual, sexy and sometimes borderline erotic shoot that people enjoy sharing with friends and followers.  It’s easy to see where this trend has come from with the huge global success of reality TV shows like Ex on the Beach and Love Island featuring lots of beautiful young contestants in swimming trunks, bikinis and thongs. Primetime has never been so sexy!

And now gay and bisexual men are getting in on the act too.  With a huge increase in demand for private, homoerotic photoshoots or sexy images for gay dating apps like Grindr, Scruff and Romeo. 

Bromance Republic offers gay, bisexual and straight curious guys in The Netherlands and Europe a safe space to enjoy this trend.  Whether for your personal use or for social media and the gay apps.   Despite the reality TV shows mostly featuring straight guys with six packs, I firmly believe that sensual photography should be for everyone: regardless of age, body shape, race or sexuality.

I want to celebrate the male form in all its beauty and redefine what male boudoir photographic art is about.  For men with body issues a private photoshoot could be a fantastic, positive step to help you explore and accept your body and sexuality – confronting your demons head on to accept how awesome you are.

Likewise, for the guy who works out tirelessly seven days a week, a sexy photoshoot is a unique way of rewarding yourself for all that hard work – a memento of how you’ve transformed your body.

For gay couples, an erotic shoot is a wonderful way to cement your relationship.  I love working with gay couples in Amsterdam and The Netherlands to create romantic and sexy images.  Whether for your ipad screensaver or even a big sexy print hanging above the bed… celebrating your love with beautiful, sensual imagery is something special.

So, I guess I am saying that male boudoir – dudeoir – pictures are for every guy or couple interested in exploring their sensual side and accepting who they are.  So why not join the Instagram influencers and give it a try?   

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